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Outside Confessions

Starting at 2pm

This Week Only

Confessions will again be heard starting on Saturday, May 30th at 2pm. This will not take place in church but rather outdoors. Confessions will be heard in the back garden of the rectory. Park your car near the parking lot entrance on Superior. Proceed to the sidewalk on Superior and to the rear entrance of the rectory yard. Cones will be set up on the sidewalk there. Wait by a cone until it is your turn to enter the garden. A place for you to stand will be marked out six feet in front of the priest. You will stand there while you make your confession. Afterward you will leave the garden by the other gate that the priest will point out to you and return to your car. Confessions will begin at 2:00 o’clock PM and continue only until there are no more clients in line. In case of inclement weather confessions may be cancelled.  




The Re-Opening Day Has Come!

When we gather for our first Mass on Friday, May 29th at 7:00 PM, it will have been 77 days since the last public Mass was held in our church. That is a terribly long and painful amount of time. The only consolations during this time were the Masses we were able to live stream on the internet and the faithful donations of our good and generous parishioners who have saved the parish from financial distress. Thanks to all for their generosity and helpfulness.   

Things are not back to normal yet. This will become very clear to you as you read this article. The first extremely important point that must be stressed is that Archbishop Vigneron has continued to release all Catholics of their moral obligation to go to Mass on Sunday until September 6th. The Church gives him the canonical right to do this. This means that those who are advanced in years (65 and older) or who are easily susceptible to illness because of their health situation can absent themselves, and probably should not return to Mass in church at this time, no matter how much they would like to do so. Let me point out that Our Lord sacrificed His life to give us the Mass, but he does not ask us to sacrifice our lives so as to attend the Mass! 

We will continue during these three months to live stream the Mass from our church on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 PM. This Mass will not be open to the public. For those who choose to stay home, it is possible and recommended that they ask a family member or friend who does go to Mass to bring them Holy Communion. These persons would need to follow all the directives for bringing Holy Communion to the sick. If they have never done this before they will need to receive instructions from the pastor before this can happen. If that is not possible, the deacon and I will attempt to bring Holy Communion to as many as we possibly can during the week.

It will not be possible for us to return to the previous Mass schedule at this time for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost is the need to thoroughly sanitize the church after every Mass. This job will be undertaken by our maintenance men. It will not be something that can be done quickly. It would be impossible for them to do this three times on Sunday and twice on Saturday. This work will be done every morning of the week. From May 29th until September 6th we will follow a new schedule of Masses in our church. This new schedule will allow enough time for this essential cleaning work to be completed. When Mass is said in the church everyone will need to wear a mask and keep the proper distance from each other. 
This will reduce the seating capacity of our church to approximately 110 persons. Since there will be only one Saturday evening Mass and only one Sunday evening Mass we will only be able to accommodate 220 persons on these days. We expect that Mass attendance will be greatly reduced but we cannot be certain. Therefore in order to attend one of these two Masses it will be necessary for each person to have a pass to enter the church. Passes will be issued to registered parishioners only, in the beginning, and on a first come first served basis. 
110 passes will be issued for Mass on Saturday at 5:00 PM and 110 passes will be issued for Mass on Sunday at 5:00 PM Mass. When requesting your pass you must commit to attending that Mass only until it will be possible to restore the old schedule. When all the places are filled at the Saturday and Sunday evening Masses we will begin issuing passes for the Friday and Monday night Masses at 7:00 PM. The prayers and readings used at these Masses will be the same used at the Saturday and Sunday night Masses, however on Friday they will be in English and on Monday they will be in Polish. Registered parishioners will have until June 15th to obtain a pass. After that time any open spaces at these four Masses will be offered to non parishioners who would request and be willing to commit to a pass. On these four days no one without a pass for that particular day will be allowed to enter the church. Remember there are only 110 places at Mass and there are over 700 registered households. You will only be able to attend the Mass on the day you committed to. Also in order to enter the church you MUST wear a mask. 
Masses will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM. There will be no Mass on Wednesdays. The Perpetual Help Novena will again be prayed on Tuesday at 6:30 PM. No pass will be necessary to attend these Masses but those in attendance must follow all the rules being set down now for attending Mass. 
You will not be able to enter the church until one half hour before Mass begins. When you enter the church you will notice: there is no holy water, there are no hymnals, there are X’s on the benches. These X’s mark the spot where a person may sit. The X’s have all been counted. There are 110 only. You may NOT sit where there is not an X, and you will sit on the X. Households may sit together. On the floor of the church you will also see X’s. These will be used when approaching the altar for Holy Communion. More about that later. The adoration chapel is still closed. And we will not be able to allow the use of the bathroom in the church.  

The Mass will not begin with or conclude with a procession. Unfortunately the priest cannot greet you at the door and you cannot socialize in church after Mass. You could possibly socialize outside if you stayed six feet away from the person you want to talk to but there is no room for that in church. The organist will play during Mass but there will be no singing. You must keep your mask on during the service so you do not spread germs by speaking or singing. There will be no offertory procession and the ushers will not take up the collection during Mass. If at all possible we ask that you continue giving in the manner you have been doing so these last ten weeks. Either use on line giving or mail your offering in or drop it in the rectory mail slot. There will be collection boxes in the church if you choose to bring your offering with you. 

Going to Holy Communion will be the most challenging part of attending these Masses. It is STRONGLY recommended that all persons receive Holy Communion on the hand. Please note you may not wear gloves on your hands. It is suggested you bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you and disinfect your hands before receiving Holy Communion, also to disinfect your hands again after leaving the church when you return to your car. 
When the time for Holy Communion comes, you must wait until there is an X open on the floor near the entrance to you bench. Please allow the people in the front of the church to go first as usual. There will be only one line down the middle of the main aisle. You may stand on that X until the X in front of you becomes free, then move to that X and so forth as you approach the priest for communion. 
Please keep your mask on at this time. The priest will also be wearing a mask. When you are standing in front of the priest he will gently drop the host into your hand so as not to touch you. When you have the host in your hand step to the side, pull down your mask and consume the host and then pull up your mask and return to your seat. Please keep your distance from the person in front of you. 
If you insist on going to Holy Communion on the tongue you must sit in that section of the church that will be reserved for you, and you must go to communion after all those who receive on the hand. Remain in your seat until your group is called forward. Follow all the directions as listed above but pull down your mask as you arrive in front of the priest. Receiving communion in this way puts you and others at a much greater risk.  

Finally, when the Mass is finished, it is important that we all keep our distance as we depart from the church. So it will be best to wait your turn to exit. Stay after for a few moments and say a prayer or two. All of these rules are burdensome, but they are all designed to keep us healthy. When you feel frustrated about these demands, pause to think about how long we have been without the Mass and that to have the Mass is worth all of this, and that life without the Mass is very empty. Think also for a moment about how many people who never thought they would get sick have died. It is a very large number of people who thought they would have many more years and now they do not. Be patient and trust in God and in time this will pass. 

Reserving your place at Mass

Passes for attending Mass will be ready to be picked up at the parish offices on the week of May 25th. First call the office starting on TUESDAY, MAY 26. Do not come to the office to make a reservation. The offices will not be open for general business. You must speak with a secretary. You cannot leave a message. The secretary first will confirm your parish registration. Then she will reserve your place(s) at the Mass you want as long as there are openings.

Saturday and Sunday will be offered first. Friday and Monday will be offered when those days are full. Friday, Saturday and Sunday is in English. Monday is in Polish. One pass is needed for each person. Your name will be printed on your pass. You may only ask for passes for people living in your household. You must commit yourself to the day you choose for the months of June, July and August, situations change. When your reservation has been made the secretary will inform you as to when you may come to the rectory to pick up your pass. Registered parishioners have until June 15th to obtain a pass. After that time, any open spaces will be offered to non parishioners. Remember there are only 110 places available in the church. If things change we will adjust these procedures. 












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